First Stop partner KAM Servicing wins online award

KAM Servicing’s depot manager Shaun Huxley-Dugan (left) and sales advisor Ashley Brown celebrate winning a award

First Stop network partner KAM Servicing has been presented with’s Best Regional Group award. The 12 garage, East Midlands chain rescued more than 450 stricken motorists, gaining a 4.7 rating out of 5, and receiving hundreds of online recommendations. More than 350,000 servicing and repair jobs were posted for garages on

George Brown, content marketing manager at, said that KAM Servicing was adding a sense of trust and transparency to the industry thanks to its swift responses to motorists. “The message of trustworthiness is a big one for the fast-fit industry. Not only has KAM Servicing beaten hundreds of other businesses to this award, but its team has displayed a real professionalism and honesty for getting each job done promptly.

“KAM Servicing go a long way in changing age old perceptions about the industry and we would like to congratulate their team for their dedication, attention to detail and general sense of best practice.”

Sean Huxley-Dugan, depot manager at KAM Servicing, said: “It’s been brilliant so far as we’ve been able to generate significantly more customers online than we used to.

“The business as a whole moving forward and we have two new sites opening in 2017 which will be getting signed straight up to the platform just like the other 12 which have all been winning work. The group has a full-time employee quoting on work on the platform and the move has paid dividends as a serious amount of revenue has been generated in 2016 alone.”

First Stop said that KAM Servicing will be supported further by the network, including more availability of premium Bridgestone tyres and other products and equipment, with demand for the company’s services growing each day.

First Stop’s zone manager Mike Glover said: “We are proud to boast KAM Servicing as a First Stop partner. We will continue use our buying power to support the business and support the guys with branding, marketing and equipment, as and when they need it.

“Their successes with are testament to a great team with a forward-thinking approach to work, which we hope they continue to benefit from.”

Huxley-Dugan added: “We aim to quote on as much work as possible and the approach has been successful so far, we love having the ability to send bespoke messages to such a huge community of motorists every day. We’re really excited about the future as a business because we are using smart tools like to drive the entire company forward.

“We’re obviously delighted to have won as we have invested a lot of time and effort into the system. We’ve already got the rewards in terms of the amount of work we have won, however, to receive recognition on top of that is a great feeling.”

“It’s projects like the 2016 Garage Awards that really set WhoCanFixMyCar apart in the industry. The truth is that nobody else is doing anything like this which is why we’ll be looking to win the award again next year!”

“With an expanding team and new sites due to open in 2017, KAM Servicing is showing no signs of slowing down or letting go of their title of Best Regional Group for the foreseeable future.”

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