Bridgestone taking on India’s two-wheel market with Neurun tyre brand

The initial Neurun range includes the Gemini F and Spur motorcycle front tyres, Gemini RX and Dart rear tyres and Dart scooter tyre

The two-wheeler segment dominates India’s vehicle market and is said to be growing at a CAGR of 8.5 per cent. With an estimated 150 million two-wheel vehicles on the country’s roads, demand for replacement tyres is high. Bridgestone Corporation is now competing for a piece of this market with a new brand of motorcycle and scooter tyres, Neurun. The rollout of the Neurun product portfolio began in August 2016 with the introduction of five sizes and nine SKUs, a range that caters to around 70 per cent of market demand in India.

At the brand’s national debut, Kazuhiko Mimura, managing director of Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd., said: “The launch of two-wheeler tyre brand Neurun is a big leap for us towards achieving our strategic expansion plan of catering to a high volume market and a wider audience reach. Our entry into the ever-growing two-wheeler market in India will facilitate us in providing a wider product range and services to our customers. We are looking forward to this exciting new phase and hope to expand with the subsequent growth in the market.”

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