Tyre production to increase at Yokohama’s Philippines plant

It is 20 years since Yokohama Rubber established its Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc. (YPTI) passenger car tyre manufacturing and sales subsidiary and commenced work on a new plant.

When the YPTI facility in the Clark Freeport Zone entered operation in 1998 it had an annual capacity of 1.2 million tyres. YPTI has continued to expand since that time and, now that the ‘West Plant’ – erected as part of the second phase of expansion at the site – is in operation, it is currently capable of producing 11.9 million tyres a year.

Yokohama Rubber reports that the plant will reach full capacity next year, enabling YPTI to produce 12.5 million tyres per annum. Its output includes passenger car and SUV tyres, the majority of which is exported to meet replacement market demand in Europe, North America, and ASEAN countries, with the remainder shipped to OEMs in North America and Asia.

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