Tread design rights: Bridgestone wins lawsuit against Triangle Tyre

China’s Supreme People’s Court has ruled in favour of Bridgestone Corporation in a lawsuit that investigated the alleged infringement of its tyre tread design rights by Chinese manufacturer Triangle Tyre Co., Ltd.

Announcing the court’s decision, Bridgestone shares that Triangle Tyre manufactured and sold studless winter tyres in China that featured a tread pattern for which Bridgestone holds exclusive design rights. The Japanese manufacturer filed a lawsuit with the Intermediate People’s Court in Changchun, China in October 2013, claiming that Triangle Tyre’s activities constituted a design rights infringement.

Bridgestone’s claim was upheld in July 2015 and the court ordered Triangle Tyre to cease producing and selling the tyres in question. Triangle Tyre appealed the Intermediate People’s Court’s decision, however the original ruling was upheld during a second trial at the High People’s Court in January 2016. A second appeal was submitted in June, and this was referred to China’s Supreme People’s Court, which in September rejected the appeal and determined that the decision reached during the second trial was valid.

In a statement, Bridgestone confirms its commitment to protecting its intellectual property and brand value. The manufacturer’s intention is to “aggressively address any unauthorised use or infringement” of its patents, trademarks, or any other intellectual property “in a strict manner.”

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