Dayton launches new on/off-road tyres

Dayton is expanding its range of truck tyres with the launch of on/off-road tyres: Dayton D800M steer and D800D drive for mixed on- and off-road service. Made in Europe and subjected to Bridgestone quality controls, Dayton on/off-road tyres are designed to give truck operators the same “essential performance at the best price” as the Dayton on-road truck tyre line-up introduced in 2015.

According to the company, Dayton on/off-road tyres are manufactured to let you move comfortably over rough, uneven surfaces providing you with the grip and traction that is needed for this type of work. Their M+S and alpine symbols mean they provide performance even on mud and snow covered terrains as well as on severe winter conditions. Specifically, the popular 80 series 315/80R22.5 and standard size 13R22.5 carry both M+S and 3PMSF markings.

Furthermore, the tyres’ special rubber compound is developed for strong resistance to cuts and chipping, something that also protects its casing from costly damage on abrasive surfaces. In addition, the new Dayton tyres can be retreaded – unlike many low-price import tyres.

“If driving is your business and it sometimes takes you off the tarmac, Dayton’s robust new on/off-road tyres will give you the durability and wear you need to get the job done.” says Harald Van Ooteghem, senior manager truck and bus tyres category management at Bridgestone Europe.

Dayton D800M and D800D (for size 315/80 R22.5) feature an exclusive new slim bead designed to limit tyre weight without compromising durability, payload capacity rolling resistance performance.

New Dayton on/off-road tyres D800M steer and D800D drive are currently available in sizes 315/80R22.5 and 13R22.5.

Dayton customers can also call on the knowhow of Bridgestone Partner, the independent network of truck tyre dealers and exclusive distributor of Dayton truck tyres in Europe.

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