Armor All’s top tips for winter wheel care

As the UK prepares for the long winter months; the heating goes on and the woolly jumpers come out of hibernation, it is equally as important to make sure your car is prepared for the change in season too, as a harsh winter is the number one cause of accelerated wheel and tyre wear and tear.

Of course, Armor All recommends using products such as its own in order to effect protective maintenance before there is a problem.

Auto Express Awards 2016 winner, Armor All Shield Brake Dust Repellent (Halfords/Ocado), repels brake dust, road grime and dirt, by forming a protective barrier on wheels and rims. Brake dust is easy to build up, but notoriously difficult to wash off. It has been the bane of shiny wheels since the invention of disc brakes, and within days of washing, wheels can become covered in dust again.

A tyre’s lifespan is highly dependent on the treatment it receives. When left untreated and not maintained, over time tyres will look faded and appear to be cracking. An easy solution to this common problem is Armor All Shield Tire Glaze (new to the UK), which coats tyres in a long lasting, and super high gloss, protective shield which dries to an ultimate showroom finish.

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