WheelRight urges drivers to check tyres this Road Safety Week

WheelRight is urging motorists to remember the importance of tyre safety during Road Safety Week (21-27 November). Originally devised by highways charity Brake, Road Safety Week brings together local authorities, schools and motorists to highlight the importance of safe driving.

Tyre under inflation still poses a significant risk to UK drivers. According to recent statistics, there are still 25 deaths and almost 1,500 serious injuries on British roads each year that are directly attributable to poor tyre maintenance.

WheelRight has long been a leading figure in highlighting the importance of regular tyre pressure checks. Earlier this year, it concluded a 12-month long trial of its drive-over tyre pressure monitoring trial at Keele Services on the southbound M6 – a notorious road accident blackspot.

John Catling, chief executive of WheelRight, commented: “Initiatives such as Road Safety Week are a great way to encourage motorists to ensure both their driving and vehicles are road worthy. With this year’s event just days away, I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage drivers to remember tyre pressure when checking their vehicles.

“As winter begins to bite, the importance of properly inflated tyres is even more important. Tyres that are even just a few PSI under recommended levels of inflation are much likelier to aquaplane during wet weather.”



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