Results of Sumitomo Rubber’s natural rubber research published

Open access scientific journal eLife has published the result of joint research into Hevea brasiliensis rubber particles conducted by Sumitomo Rubber Industries and the Graduate School of Engineering at Japan’s Tohoku University. In addition to their publication in eLife, the results were also presented at the International Rubber Conference (IRC 2016 Kitakyushu) in Japan on 26 October.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries uses the word “groundbreaking” to describe the research, which is published under the name Identification and reconstitution of the rubber biosynthetic machinery on rubber particles from Hevea brasiliensis. “Our joint research with Tohoku University shed light on the biosynthetic machinery of natural rubber in Para rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis), whose mechanisms had previously been shrouded in mystery, resulting in the major discovery that three specific types of protein play a major role in rubber synthesis,” the company wrote in a statement.

“Thanks to this discovery, we can look forward to furthering our understanding of the mechanisms behind the synthesis of rubber as well as further advancements in technologies that contribute to ensuring a more stable supply of natural rubber.”

The results of the joint research can be read here.


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