New consultant role for Brisa’s Şensoy; Ertan Kurt takes over as international markets director

Ertan Kurt

Halit Şensoy, international markets director at Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci for the past six and a half years, has been appointed consultant to the chief executive officer, OEM business. This appointment took effect 3 October, and as of that day his former position was taken on by Ertan Kurt, who is now responsible for the Lassa tyre brand’s sales and marketing at an international level.

According to Brisa general manager Yiğit Gürçay, Şensoy “directed the development and activities of the International Markets Department of Brisa with great success since 2010.” Regarding Kurt’s new roll at the Turkish tyre maker, Gürçay added: “Mr Kurt held several sales and marketing positions in large multinational companies. We are sure he will also contribute successfully to the development and activities of Lassa Tyres in its global journey ahead.”

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