Michelin technical team helps Northern Ireland Prison Service save

Northern Ireland Prison Service has fitted a number of Michelin tyres following the technical inspection

The Northern Ireland Prison Service could benefits from savings after Michelin’s technical team carried out a free tyre assessment of its prisoner transport fleet.

The Service selected HMP Maghaberry’s Prisoner Escorting and Court Custody Service (PECCS) for the assessment – a mixed fleet of 13 trucks and 18 vans that faces the constant threat of kerbing, speed bumps, and the challenge of manoeuvring in tight urban areas.

The Service’s vehicles have traditionally operated on budget brand tyres, and as such, tyre replacement intervals are short.

A Northern Ireland Prison Service spokesman says: “Following the assessment, the Michelin technical team produced an in-depth report and offered advice on how to extend our tyre replacement intervals and minimise wear.

“This included recommending a regular audit of tyre pressures, and suggesting optimised pressure settings for each vehicle type. We’ve also started trials with a number of premium fitments, and will be closely monitoring performance in an effort to realise long-term savings across the fleet.”

Michelin’s technical team defined the recommended tyre pressure settings by putting a selection of the PECCS fleet on the scales, substituting Service staff for the people who would usually be riding in the specialist trucks’ on-board compartments.

By subsequently weighing each wheel position individually to establish the vehicle’s axle loads, bespoke tyre pressure suggestions were given to offer optimal stability, grip and handling for vehicles across the fleet – to maximise fleet safety and efficiency.

“Inviting Michelin to inspect the fleet costs us nothing, and we’re under no pressure to take any course of action as a result. However, some of the suggestions provided offer real food for thought, and there’s a lot to be said for the excellent and courteous customer service such attention to detail provides,” the spokesman adds.

The Service has since fitted a handful of vehicles with Michelin tyres, and has registered the premium fitments under the company’s X Multi accidental damage guarantee.

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