CAM offers eBay tyre retail solution

CAM is introducing a bespoke scalable cloud-based solution that will enable dealers to streamline the administration associated with using eBay and doing so eradicate errors and save time and labour.

According to the company, the solution will also future proof businesses by implementing a core business management system that exerts control across their operations and dramatically reduces the vast amount of manual overhead, freeing up retailers’ time.

CAM’s solution integrates Cameo and its Online Tyre Catalogue (OTC) alongside a bespoke eBay shop, which further strengthens the features list on the new Cameo Update! application. CAM achieved the eBay integration within eight weeks of receiving the signed order and it now plays a pivotal sales management role within Tread X Tyres’ business.

The operator is presented with a list of all completed eBay transactions awaiting despatch. The user is able to review and confirm the details of each sale before being guided through a seamless sales process of courier and delivery service level selection, and then onto generating the finished invoice. There is virtually no manual data entry during the process, since all product and customer data is pulled from the eBay website, passed directly to the courier’s system, and then into the finished customer invoice.

Mike Allen, managing director of CAM, says, “Processing high volumes of transactions generated by eBay can be laborious and time consuming, and mistakes can be made due to the high level of human intervention during transactions with considerable keying in of data, often from handwritten notes.

“Cameo’s Derived Pricing capability delivers reliable accurate pricing directly to the sales desk, enabling retailers to quote confidently and professionally to both telephone and walk-in enquiries.  Dealers no longer have to wade through 1000s of hard-copy invoices and manually update spreadsheets every week.”


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