Michelin gives Republic Of Ireland Police tyre safety training

Wednesday 7th September 2016 | 0 Comments

Michelin staff from Stoke-on-Trent have flown to the Republic of Ireland to train the Irish Police Service (An Garda Síochána) – teaching them about tyre safety and technology through a specially-developed course.

The in-depth programme also showed the Garda members how to identify when poor tyre maintenance could have contributed to accidents.

Three technicians from the Michelin Training Centre (MTC), based on Stone Road in Trent Vale, travelled to Ireland to train the Garda members at the Garda Training College which is based in Templemore County Tipperary. 14 delegates participated in the course; they were selected from units specialising in Collision Investigation, Vehicle Examinations and Driver Training.

The objective was to teach the course participants about tyre technology, how to identify the common causes of tyre wear and damage and the crucial role tyres play in the handling of vehicles.

In 2015 Sergeant Frank Lavin, who is the Senior Forensic Collision Investigator (FCI) at the Garda College, and has responsibility for the FCI members in Southern Ireland, travelled to the UK to take part in the ‘Police Tyre Technical Course’ run at the MTC. As the course was specifically designed for Police Personnel, Sergeant Lavin identified the need for other Garda members to undertake this training and a request was made to the Michelin Training Centre to see if they could run a course at the Garda Training College.

Sergeant Lavin, Senior Forensic Collision Investigator (FCI) at the Garda College, said; “Having completed the course at the Michelin Training Centre I was able to identify an area of training that would greatly benefit Garda members employed as Collision Investigators, Vehicle Examiners and Driver Trainers. The course was designed so that members would gain knowledge and information which would assist them in the execution of their daily duties and there was an emphasis on safety and the importance for drivers to check the roadworthiness of the tyres on their vehicles.”

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