Landsail Winter Star aims to give 4x4s cold weather performance

Tuesday 13th September 2016 | 0 Comments

Landsail Winter Star
Landsail Winter Star

Landsail’s latest tyre for the 4×4 market is the Winter Star, manufactured as a high performance winter pattern. Produced by Sentury Tire in its Industry 4.0 plant with state of the art European machinery and autonomous production lines, the Winter Star provides improved traction levels in extremely cold weather conditions, incorporating a special cold weather silica compound to ensure improved grip, superior traction and braking capabilities in winter conditions.

Additional features and benefits include an advanced shoulder design with small holes that efficiently absorb the thin layer of water that coats ice and snow to safeguard against hydroplaning. The tread design incorporates an extended centre arrow block that improves handling and braking stability while the large directional blocks on either side significantly improve wet and dry grip. Finally, 3D stay-open sipes remain open when making contact with the road in order to bite into snow even more effectively.

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