China: US truck tyre anti-dumping tariffs and “abuse of trade measures”

Source: DOC

China’s Ministry of Finance and Commerce (MOFCOM) has hit back at the US Department of Commerce’s (DOC) decision to preliminarily introduce anti-dumping tariffs of around 20 per cent on Chinese truck tyres exported to the US. Indeed MOFCOM called the ruling, which is in addition to roughly 20 per cent countervailing duties, “an abuse of trade measures” on Friday 2 September. “Chinese tyre companies strongly oppose the US’s abuse of trade measures,” ministry of commerce spokesperson told reports during a briefing in Beijing.

Such trade barriers imposed by Washington have severely affected China’s end-customers, Reuters quoted Shen as saying, adding they didn’t have the support of key US tyre businesses and there should rather be a “more a negotiated resolution” to trade issues.

On 29 August the US Department of Commerce (DOC) preliminarily imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made truck and bus tyres imported into the USA. The preliminary determination saw DOC apply anti-dumping duties of between 20.87 per cent to 22.57 per cent to the relevant truck and bus tyres. These duties are in addition to countervailing duties recommend for the same products in June. As a result, total import tariffs of around 40 per cent are expected.

DOC is applying a slightly lower rate to mandatory respondent Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. (20.87 percent). However, the department also found that the other mandatory respondent, Double Coin Holdings Ltd. must pay China-wide rate of 22.87 per cent.

DOC reports that its final determination is due no later than 17 January 2017, two months later than its original date of 10 November. Despite this decision being a preliminary one, US border officers will still require deposits based on the current ruling before entry.



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