Firenza Nu Ice range offers studded and unstudded patterns for Europe

Friday 12th August 2016 | 0 Comments

Firenza Nu Ice XT-01 studdable pattern
Firenza Nu Ice XT-01 studdable pattern

Singapore’s Firenza brand offers two Nu Ice winter tyre patterns in both studless and studdable options. Both patterns comply with current European tyre regulations.

The Nu Ice NTS-01 studless tyre includes special grooves that are deliberately angled towards the centre of the tyre to ensure a firm grip to combat slushy and packed snowy road conditions. Additional features include a soft compound, solid blocks with numerous zig-zag styled sipes to improve dry road performance and severe winter weather grip. A series of elevated grooves significantly improve the rigidity of the tread and dry handling. The Nu Ice NTS-01 is currently available in 16 sizes from 175/65R14 through to 225/40R18.

The Nu Ice XT-01 studdable pattern also incorporates a special tread design, angled to maintain the position of the grooves within the centre of the tyre. Shoulder blocks have zig-zag siping to improve braking and give additional traction on packed snow and ice. The tyre’s rugged tread design improves grip in icy conditions, as does the tyre’s soft compound. The Nu Ice XT-01 is currently available in seven size options from 175/65R14 up to 225/60R16.

Larry Lee, Firenza’s vice president for international distribution says, “Our Nu Ice winter range provides the UK and Europe with a high standard, mid-range choice of patterns to suit all winter road conditions and severe temperatures.”

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