BKT offers special sprayer line-up

Friday 12th August 2016 | 0 Comments


BKT is offering a specialist sprayer-orientated agri-tyre line-up. Agrimax Spargo is a radial tire designed by BKT developing a new concept of VF technology. Specifically developed for spraying applications and row crops, it can stand heavier loads while maintaining the same inflation pressure compared to a standard tyre of the same size. Four sizes currently available on the market are four: VF 380/85 R 38, VF 380/90 R 46, VF 380/105 R 50 and VF 420/95 R 50.

In addition to Agrimax Spargo, BKT boasts a complete range of narrow tyres. The first in the list is Agrimax RT 945, specifically conceived for soil protection and crop preservation. Then there is Agrimax RT 955, a BKT radial tyre for heavy harvesting machinery. This pattern is available in 20 different sizes.

To complement the sprayer ranges, there are the two tyres: Agrimax RT 855 and Agrimax RT 765, that are suitable for both row crops spraying and grape harvesting.

The latter tire, instead, is part of the BKT 70 series – for sprayers or modern tractors in heavy-duty operations. Agrimax RT 765 is available in 34 different sizes.

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