Yinbao aiming at mainland Europe post-US tyre import tariffs

Yinbao Tyre Group, a company that has been manufacturing tyres in China for 20 years now, is aiming to grow sales in mainland Europe. The decision comes around a year after the US renewed its policy of levying import tariffs against Chinese renewed products and thus made it impossible for some Chinese tyre makers to continue to do business in the US.

The strategy begins with plans to visit European markets in order to “find new opportunities with new partners”. This sales and marketing roadshow begins in August and will see the company visit prospective business partners in Germany, Poland, Romania and Lithuania.

Yinbao Tyre Group, which markets tyres under the Yinbao, SNC Tire and Comforser brands purportedly produces “a full range” of car tyres in 13 to 20-inch sizes and SUV, light truck and winter fitments.

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