Rosava aims to avoid winter tyre shortage with early start to production

Production of the Snowguard Van and other Rosava winter ranges began in June

An old Eastern European adage implores those seeking year-round mobility to “repair your cart in December; in July your sledge remember,” and Ukrainian tyre maker Rosava has taken this call for forward planning to heart during these summer months. With memories of the winter tyre shortage experienced in its home market in 2015-16 still fresh, the company has decided to commence its annual winter tyre production at an earlier date than in past years. The manufacture of Rosava’s winter ranges, including the Premiori ViaMaggiore, Snowguard and WQ, began last month at the company’s plant in Belaya Tserkov.

“This will offer an opportunity to provide our partners and customers with competitive Ukrainian tyres, needed for the winter season 2016-2017, in due time,” comments Aleksandr Daliba, general director and chairman of the PJSC Rosava board.

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