The Parts Alliance, IFA take further steps to develop business relationship

Having set up a supply partnership agreement with the IFA supporting The Parts Alliance National Accounts programme, Gary Kennett has accepted an offer from the IFA to join its board. Kennett understands the operating model of The Parts Alliance Group and the IFA, having previously worked in both. Both groups agree that his appointment will improve communications nationally, anticipating that there may be other opportunities to explore. Each organisation will retain its independence for procurement but look at opportunities as they may arise to work together to leverage their combined strengths.

Mike Curry, The Parts Alliance sales director commented: “We are really pleased about the way in which the IFA has worked so hard to help The Parts Alliance strengthen its supply to the National customers we supply, providing excellent local service to these workshops.”

Steve Parker, IFA general manager, agreed.  “We’ve achieved some real benefits to all parties since we entered in to the partnership, the whole process has been much easier than I originally envisaged.”


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