Starco launches new e-commerce platform in Poland

Starco is releasing its new e-commerce platform for Polish aftermarket customers. Despite the initial aftermarket focus, the ambition is to develop functionalities which meet the needs of the original equipment manufacturers and improve the overall customer experience.

The first release will include all the shop functionalities with which customers have become acquainted from the current version, as well as a selection of new features as well. As a result of the project, Starco’s shop and website have been merged into one Polish language entity.

“The new web shop is intended for our aftermarket customers as well as original equipment manufacturers. They will have the opportunity to search for products using a completely new search and filter function, allowing users to quickly narrow down our vast product range to the items relevant to them. A complete transaction history that allows users to search, view and reprint transaction documents is also available,” said: Mateusz Książek, sales manager, Starco in Poland.

OE usage on the horizon

Currently the web shop is focused on Starco’s aftermarket customers, however the intention is to introduce various future functionalities targeted at current and new equipment manufacturers.

”We will prioritise short- and long-term development efforts using input from customers. These could include accommodating a need for online access to technical drawings, certificates; or the sharing of information in a closed forum,” explains Thomas Ballegaard, Chief commercial officer, adding:

“It could even involve integration with customers’ Kanban systems allowing for new products to be withdrawn automatically when stock is low. Overall, we aim to make it easier for customers to run their companies effectively and have an even better experience when dealing with Starco.”

Next Starco plans to do something with the French aftermarket, closely followed by the company’s remaining aftermarket countries.

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