Zafco to display extensive Zeetex product lines

Dubai based distributor Zafco will thrust its house Zeetex brand into the limelight at Reifen 2016, displaying its latest car tyre ranges from Hall 3, 3B28. “We believe that [Reifen presents] a great opportunity for our existing and potential customers to select from our extensive product offerings,” the company stated.

Zeetex has continued to grow in stature since its 2005 launch, with its current presence among the majority of the world’s major tyre manufacturers in Messe Essen’s Hall 3 indicative of its decade-long rise. As befits a distributor in the global shipping hub of UAE, Zafco now offers Zeetex products for every geographical and environmental need, including on and off-road driving, high speed highways, or heavy duty industrial operations. Zeetex now sells more than 600 tyre SKUs worldwide.

The brand’s latest products include the HP2000 vfm UHP tyre, designed for low running noise and comfort. The tyre has an asymmetrical tread pattern engineered to enhance the vehicle stability and high speed cornering. Customers can choose from a wide variety of 38 sizes that the pattern offers for majority of the European cars.

Another new product is the CT2000 vfm, a tyre with a rugged construction to enable commercial vans and transport vehicles to withstand heavy loads. In addition, the superior compounding of the tyre yields longer mileage, fuel efficiency, and greater grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Zeetex added that it would introduce an all-season tyre designed for European and Scandinavian countries later in the year.

On the commercial side, Zeetex is adding two new patterns for regional and long haul usage. The brand will introduce a drive tyre and a trailer tyre.

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