Sigmavision joins TyreSafe

Sigmavision Ltd has become the latest organisation to lend its official support to TyreSafe.

Based in the UK, Sigmavision Ltd is a high tech company, with world class expertise in laser sensor and camera imaging technology. Originally supplying offline and online laser profiling systems and laser measurement systems to the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, today it is the developer and manufacturer of TreadReader, a technology for tread depth measurement in the tyre aftermarket. Sigmavision now exclusively manufactures and supplies the TreadReader Hand Held scanner and TreadReader Drive Over ramp for aftermarket applications.

By joining TyreSafe, Sigmavision has access to TyreSafe’s resources to support its tyre safety campaigns, and materials for customers and staff.

“The nature of Sigmavision’s business automatically makes us a stakeholder in tyre safety awareness but by lending our official support to TyreSafe we signal our commitment even more clearly,” said Sigmavision marketing director Sue Pryce.

“Our Hand Held Scanner offers its operator an intuitive, quick and accurate tool, which can be interfaced with data logging systems, to help ensure drivers are operating vehicles with safe and legal tyres. Working with TyreSafe, Sigmavision is committed to reducing the number of tyre-related incidents on the road and promoting tyre safety awareness.”

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, added: “TyreSafe enjoys a broad supporter base, from supermarkets to tyre retailers; fire services to councils, and these bring with them new channels to reach new audiences with the tyre safety message. Sigmavision’s programmes highlight the growing number of technological applications available to improve tyre safety on our roads and TyreSafe welcomes its support.”

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