RMI Bodyshop launches new healthcare scheme

From 1 April, RMI Bodyshop (NAB & VBRA) is to launch a new set of high value healthcare services accessible to members.

RMI Everyday Healthcare will improve on the current offering, leveraging economies of scale and purchasing power across the RMI for the benefit of its members.

The new range of comprehensive and competitively-priced packages will allow businesses to cost effectively implement every-day healthcare provisions for their staff. This will give peace of mind for businesses in respect of staff wellbeing, and also provides an effective staff benefit – a key component in staff retention.

A recent survey by Technology Advice found that 56 per cent of employees said that perks are very or moderately important when evaluating a job, and that they would trade a salary increase for certain on-the-job perks.

All member organisations and their staff will have access to a bespoke range of health and wellbeing products, in addition to private medical insurance, with packages starting from as little as £6.49 per month per employee.

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