Psy joins Kumho Tire on ‘Good Day’ video

Tuesday 19th April 2016 | 0 Comments
Psy appears very ‘animated’ in the new video
Psy appears very ‘animated’ in the new video

It’s almost four years since Gangnam Style fever swept the world and Psy enthused us with his catchy lyrics and equestrian dance moves. The South Korean performer still enjoys a strong following, particularly in his homeland, and Kumho Tire has capitalised on Psy’s popularity by collaborating with him to produce a new music video commercial. The result of this joint effort has now been released.

The music video is based on ‘Good Day Will Come’, which Psy released late last year, and the song has been paired with Kumho Tire’s ‘Better All-Ways’ slogan. Upon the video’s release, Kumho comments that unlike standard 15 or 30 second advertisements, the music video format provides a two and a half minute vehicle for promoting the tyre brand.

The song’s message, says Kumho, is one of hope to young people caught up in the stresses of life and in demanding, repetitive jobs, and just as Psy’s lyrics offer the hope that things will get better, Kumho aims to spread the word that it will continue to deliver better value to its customers and help them to have a better experience.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Psy in this tyre-themed video will be disappointed, however – the singer only appears in animated form.


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