Infleet signs up for e-jobsheet

Thursday 7th April 2016 | 0 Comments

Chris Comport and Steve Daly agree on amalgamating the system into Tyreman
Chris Comport and Steve Daly agree on amalgamating the system into Tyreman

Infleet, the independent network of UK-based tyre service providers, is committing to CAM International’s e-jobsheet. By signing up for the open-access, digital, tablet-based service work platform for truck, bus and van, Infleet will be able to process job data via its Tyreman platform to speed up invoicing and provide an agile, efficient and professional service with its third party fleet contract holders.

The introduction allows Infleet to receive the e-jobsheets electronically from all service provider subscribers who complete work for Infleet and its strategic partners GT Assist, NTDA and RAC.

Chris Comport, managing director of Infleet Limited, said: “The system can be amalgamated into our own existing Tyreman software to ensure a seamless electronic process. This means Infleet will be able to add greater value to our strategic partners and other Infleet customers by delivering efficiencies and speeding up data processing.”

Steve Daly, director of CAM International, commented: “Based on Infleet’s application, e-jobsheet is emerging as the obvious standard and gathering irresistible momentum to arm any and all dealers – irrespective of size or choice of tyre management software – with the capacity to enjoy heightened professionalism, lower transactional costs and operational agility in conjunction with third party fleet contract holders.”

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