Improved warranty conditions for Mitas Premium tyres

Tuesday 5th April 2016 | 0 Comments

Mitas has announced a significant upgrade of warranty conditions on Mitas Premium radial agricultural tyres. All Mitas Premium tyres manufactured and/or sold after January 2014 in Europe now have six years’ warranty coverage from the date of production, a free 24-month replacement tyre policy and three years’ field hazard qualifying period.

These upgraded warranty conditions support the launch of Mitas Premium as a substitution for Continental-branded agricultural tyres on the replacement market that began in January 2016. Mitas Premium tyres bear the same premium quality and the same or improved technical specifications as the original Continental tyres; this allows Mitas to significantly improve the warranty conditions.

“The warranty conditions on Mitas Premium tyres reflect our confidence in the product quality, offering the best overall warranty on the agricultural market,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ marketing and sales director. “The new warranty conditions of Mitas Premium are providing our customers with complete peace of mind and confidence in the tyre and support service behind the product.”

Mitas Premium tyres switched Continental-branded agricultural tyres on Original Equipment in 2015, and the process of brand change now includes the replacement market also. Mitas continues to support the premium quality of its tyres by improving their warranty conditions, which surpass the conditions of the Continental range in the following features:

  • Six years from date of production
  • Warranty coverage is for a maximum period of six years (72 months) from the date of production.
  • Free replacement if a manufacturing fault occurs during the first 24 months
  • A tyre will be replaced free of charge if it suffers a failure due to a manufacturing fault during 24 months from the date of production or has less than 25 per cent of tread wear (whichever comes first).
  • Field hazard warranty for first 36 months

If a tyre running under normal agricultural service conditions becomes completely unserviceable and non-repairable due to field hazards, the customer will receive replacement credit toward the purchase of a replacement Mitas tyre. Where appropriate all compensation will be individually determined by a thorough evaluation by Mitas’ claim technicians. The field hazard qualifying period is three years following the purchase of the tyre or machine.

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