NMRO and BRDO merge into single regulator

The UK Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) and National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) are merging into a single Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) directorate from 1 April 2016. The goal of the new entity, which will be known as “Regulatory Delivery”, will be to focus on regulation and enforcement. This in turn is likely to impact the way legislation such European Tyre Labelling is monitored and enforced.

BRDO is currently responsible for improving the way in which local and national regulators enforce regulations, saving money for business and taxpayers. NMRO currently operates as what is known as an executive agency within BIS, sponsored by BRDO, aiming to simplify technical regulation for the benefit of UK businesses.

The new Regulatory Delivery directorate will be led by the existing BRDO director, Graham Russell and report to Small Business, Industry and Enterprise Minister, Anna Soubry. According to the government, the directorate will work to ensure that the way regulation is enforced is “proportionate and risk based”. It will deliver existing functions such as Primary Authority, legal metrology and hallmarking policy, technical regulation and enforcement work.

As far as the tyre business is concerned, many will be encouraged by the streamlining move, along with the intention to simplify bureaucracy. In addition the fact that the directorate has a stated aim of making sure regulation is “proportionate and risk based” will be welcomed by those that felt previous approaches were either ineffective or weighted towards the easier to monitor and better performing companies.

The move was welcomed by tyre distributors with, NTDA director Stefan Hay commenting: “The NTDA believes this is a very positive move. Bringing together these two bodies under one directorate means that regulation, and more importantly, enforcement will be delivered more effectively. Specifically in relation to EU Tyre Labelling and other areas of related interest to the tyre industry. We look forward to the introduction of active enforcement and to working closely with the Regulatory Delivery Directorate in 2016.”

BIS Permanent Secretary, Martin Donnelly, said: “Combining NMRO and BRDO will bring together policy expertise and practical experience. This will ensure that government policy is effectively delivered in ways that reduce burdens on business, save public money and properly protect people and communities.”

The director of the new Regulatory Delivery directorate, Graham Russell, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to raise standards of protection for vulnerable people and encourage businesses to grow, by improving the way we regulate in the UK. Combining two organisations is challenging but I know that we are committed to working well together, using fewer resources for better outcomes.”

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