Lehigh Technologies prepares for European MRP production

A Lehigh Technologies cryomill in the in the US; once the cryomill facility in Spain enters operation, it will begin supplying the European market

As Europe’s retreaders are currently learning to their cost, commitment to sustainable products often takes a back seat to lower prices; despite offering proven environmental plusses, retreaded truck tyres continue to lose market share to cheap and often non-retreadable imported new tyres. To truly thrive, an environmentally-friendly product must also deliver a price benefit. With its micronised rubber powder (MRP) products, Lehigh Technologies offers this double advantage. Tyres & Accessories recently met with Lehigh Technologies’ vice-president and general manager Kedar Murthy and Josep Freixas, the company’s MRP business development manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, to find out how the market is taking to the concept of new tyres containing materials made from end of life tyres.

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