Kwik Fit doubles fleet warranty on brake parts

Kwik Fit has doubled the fleet warranty it offers on friction brake parts. According to the company, it is an “industry-leading move that will deliver operating cost savings to the corporate sector”. This means the firm now offers 24 months/24,000 miles warranty, up from 12 months/12,000 miles across brake pads, discs, drums and shoes. Kwik Fit reports that it is able to do this due to the training and workmanship of its expert technicians.

Last year Kwik Fit saw a 35 per cent year-on-year increase in fleet demand for safety-related brake inspections and the replacement of brake pads and discs and that followed a 24 per cent rise in 2014. Further rises in fleet demand for brake-related maintenance and other mechanical work is now expected.

As Tyres & Accessories reported a year ago, Fleet demand for Kwik Fit’ range of mechanical services has rapidly increased with the opening of Kwik Fit Plus centres. There are now 40 Kwik Fit Plus centres nationwide, with “further openings planned”. Each Kwik Fit Plus employs one team of fully trained staff delivering traditional ‘fast-fit’ and a second team delivering mechanical services. The mechanical services team is led by a supervisor and also includes a centre-based Master Technician trained to the highest level recognised by the Automotive Technician Accreditation.

Dan Joyce, Kwik Fit’s UK SMR/MoT business development manager for fleet, said: “Our decision to double the warranty on friction brake parts is a clear reflection of Kwik Fit’s confidence in the quality of the parts used. We believe the length of warranty available is an industry best and more extensive than that available through other service outlet on similar parts.”

Pete Marden, head of core fleet and business development, added: “The warranty increase on friction brake parts is also a reflection of goodwill from Kwik Fit to our fleet customers in trusting us with undertaking vehicle work. As a result of the improved warranty we would expect the volume of brake-related work undertaken in Kwik Fit centres to continue to increase in 2016.”

Furthermore, demand across the fleet sector for mechanical work being undertaken at Kwik Fit centres is being driven by a range of other factors, but notably the company’s price competitiveness, further improvements in customer service levels being reported as monitored by fleet customers and an extended opening hours policy when compared with traditional service outlets.

Kwik Fit employs 2,000 centre-based fully trained brake specialists and last year invested more than £3 million on technician training.

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