Italmatic launches new Italrepair patch product line

Italmatic, an Italy-based leader in the production of balancing weights and tyre shop materials, reports that it recently released a complete line of patches and curing chemical products.

Coming at the same time as Italmatic’s 50th anniversary, the company says it decided to strengthen the image of its products, its brand and the completeness of the range offered with a series of novelties following each other during the year. Foremost is the recently revealed TPMS sensor, Italsensor.

“We are in a very delicate moment of the market where it is necessary for the companies to differ from competition, offering to our own distribution network the right products to allow them to be winning. Italrepair aims to be a product line dedicated to cold repairings which gets positioned to a very interesting level of price and to an excellent quality, at the same level of the brands mostly known in the market”, company representatives said in a statement, adding:

“We have patches for air tubes, patches for tubeless radial tyres, monofil inserts and plugs for punctures, universal UP patches and curing cement for their application available.”

Despite the wider economic situation, Italmatic reports that it continues investing in the business, which they have been a part of for the last 50 years.

Moving forward, Italmatic reports that the company is looking for distributors “all over Europe” and is particularly looking for partners believing in the latest product range’s “strong potential to be combined to the already indisputable quality of its range of balancing weights, like already many people did for this product”.


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