Honda award recognises Bridgestone’s environmental efforts

Honda’s Hiroshi Saito (l) hands over the award to Yutaka Yamaguchi

Bridgestone Corporation shares that it received an Environmental Award from Honda Motor Co., Ltd at an awards ceremony held at the tyre maker’s Tochigi plant in Japan on 18 February. At the event, Bridgestone’s vice-president Yutaka Yamaguchi was awarded a certificate of commendation by Hiroshi Saito, general manager of Honda Motor’s global operations planning office. This is the first time that Bridgestone has received an Environmental Award from Honda.

The award given to Bridgestone is part of the Honda Excellence Appreciation Awards, which are presented to Honda Motor suppliers for outstanding performance in five areas. The Environmental Award is given to suppliers who conduct initiatives in line with the Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines, as well as engage in outstanding efforts to reduce the environmental impact in the lifecycle of their products.

“We are extremely honoured to receive the Environmental Award from Honda Motor,” commented Yamaguchi upon receiving the award. “In order to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society, Bridgestone has established long-term environmental targets looking ahead to the world in 2050 based on our Environmental Mission Statement, and we are promoting group-wide environmental activities to achieve these targets.

“Going forward, we will continue to advance environmental activities that span the entire supply chain, including our business partners and customers, in order to realise a sustainable society,” he added.

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