Finnish lawyers: Nokian tyre consumers could claim 30% money back

Turre Legal, a Helsinki-based law firm, believes anyone who bought tyres from Nokian Tyres during the last decade could be eligible for a settlement, following the firm’s tacit admissions that it mishandled magazine tyre tests.

According to local news reports, the head of Finland’s Consumers’ Association has urged the company to consider voluntarily compensating customers. Nokian stock exchange filings report that the tyre maker is not planning to make any voluntary redress, leaving legal action as the only route left.

The case could potentially lead to a significant financial cost for Nokian. Turre Legal reckons customers could get up to 30 per cent of the cost of their tyres back if they sign up for legal action.

The firm is not planning a class action, but is offering its service on a no-win-no-fee basis. The firm says it is “targeting tens of thousands of tyre buyers”. To join the case consumers just need receipts. Companies can also bring legal action, according to local news reports.

Turre Legal clearly aims to collect a big enough number of clients to negotiate with Nokian out of court, with the firm ultimately keeping a third of any pay-outs. However, if Turre Legal has had this idea, the chances are the other lawyers in Finland and beyond will get the same idea too.

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