Davanti presents latest tyres for SUVs and compact cars

Davanti has launched its latest passenger car tyres; a product designed to meet the needs of the growing SUV market, and one for the compact car market. The former is the DX740, engineered to offer SUV drivers a balance of wet, dry and muddy grip, and a comfortable drive in any conditions on any surface. For drivers of smaller cars the DX240 is designed for low noise in addition to good all-round performance characteristics in wet and dry conditions. The tyres were previewed in October, and are now available alongside the rest of its growing range.

In the Davanti DX740 four longitudinal deep grooves run around the circumference of the tyre for better drainage from the road contact areas of the tread pattern. The inner block section works in conjunction with the outer-insider block section to dissipate water from the central grooves and away from the contact zone. The outer block section contains U-shaped grooves which work both to contain noise and provide grip in muddy conditions.

Sean Maddocks, UK and Ireland sales director states: “Created with the best material in one of the world’s most advanced plants, SUV drivers can’t go wrong with the DX740. To go along with the great grip, it contains noise dissipation technology while providing excellent fuel efficiency to give SUV owners the drive they deserve.”

Davanti’s DX240 contains three longitudinal grooves and open sipes in the inner shoulder channel water from the contact area to provide drainage for safe wet weather driving. The outer shoulder consists of a contained horizontal groove to provide a progressive drive with high levels of lateral grip as well as actively containing sound.

Maddocks added: “The DX240 really packs a punch for its size as it provides exceptional wet and dry grip with high levels of straight line and cornering traction. Whether on the motorway or in the city, you’ll find the DX240 giving drivers the performance they deserve.”


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