Brembo EBIT up 40.8 per cent to 251.3 million euros

Friday 4th March 2016 | 0 Comments

Brake maker Brembo reports that its 2015 revenues grew 15 per cent to 2,073.2 million euros. Pre-tax profits were even stronger, with EBITDA at 359.9 million euros (+28.6 per cent) and the EBIT measurement up 40.8 per cent to 251.3 million euros. During the same period net profit grew 42.5 per cent to 184.0 million euros. Net investments totalled 154.1 million euros. And net debt amounted to 160.7 million euros.

Chairman Alberto Bombassei stated: “We are particularly satisfied with our 2015 results. They were achieved thanks to the Company’s ability to operate on markets throughout the world, establishing itself as a global player. Growth was driven by the expansion of our product portfolio and our industrial footprint through the launch of a sound investment plan. These results were supported by both the Italian and European components of the business and those of other key geographical areas, such as the United States and China. I would like to recall that in a few days there will be the first casting at our new foundry in Homer, Michigan, while in the Beijing area, the acquisition-related activities announced at the end of 2015 will shortly begin.”

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