Miss Tyres in Stock January 2016 selected

Tyres in Stock, the online B2B tyre platform, has started its Miss Tyres in Stock 2 election in all participating countries. 29 year old Iris Dijs has been selected Miss Tyres in Stock of January. And now the company is inviting applications for the Tyres in Stock 2017 calendar. The prize is described as “a great vacation trip” as well as a professional photo shoot. Every month suppliers and customers of Tyres in Stock can submit their photos of their own team and/or relations for the Miss Tyres in Stock selections. Each month the firm will select a Miss Tyres in Stock and one lady will be selected from among the winners for the prize trip. At the end of 2016, the 12 selected ladies will be offered a professional photo shoot. These photos will be used to create the Tyres in Stock calendar 2017.

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