Lanxess exhibiting ‘Rhenoshape’ tyre curing bladders at TTE

Lanxess Rhein Chemie Additives is presenting its Rhenoshape tyre curing bladders at Tire Technology Expo this February. The products have been developed at the firm’s new production plant in China.

According to the company, the Rhenoshape bladders are the result of investment in injection moulding technology and permanently coated bladders, and are the latest product in the company’s portfolio of eco-friendly Rhenodiv tyre release agents, Rhenomark tyre marking inks, and curing bladders.

In November 2015 Rhein Chemie Additives opened its fourth new production plant for bladders Qingdao, China, where the firm intends to serve the Asian markets. It says the Rhenoshape tyre curing bladders equipped with Rhenodiv permanent coatings allow tyre manufacturers to produce tires without the use of additional release agents. The combination of permanently coated bladders and application of special Rhenodiv release agents results in an optimised in bladder life.

The company will also showcase its quality control concept for black rubber compounds – Rhenowave. This inline analytics system has now been integrated into production lines for Rhenoshape bladders in Rhein Chemie Additives’ plant at Porto Feliz, Brazil. The Rhenowave inline analytics system is an integral part of a mixing and extrusion line for bladder compounds, where to detect inhomogeneities and impurities, compounds are scanned by ultrasound during extrusion. Moreover, the distribution of curing additives can also be scanned by using Rhenogran AP with a marker, which makes an ultra-sonic scan feasible.

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