Updated Revolution tyre changer features smaller footprint, expanded capabilities

Hunter says the Revolution is now easier to use and occupies a smaller footprint

New updates to the Revolution, Hunter’s fully automatic tyre changer, have reduced the unit’s footprint by 25 per cent and enhanced ease-of-use.

The Revolution’s updated console is now integrated into the unit for improved ergonomics and increased adaptor storage. An all-new flange plate comes standard and eases servicing of plastic clad and reverse wheels where maximum protection is needed. The new flange plate features a wider, stronger clamping range and makes adjustments faster using quick-change pins.

All Revolution tyre changers now come standard with a camera kit to record every tyre changing interaction and verify correct operation and training. Updates also include enhanced software. New 1.4 software features an advanced control function for more freedom when servicing extremely high-end assemblies and a new, adaptive bead-breaking system.

A new thick bead kit accessory expands the Revolution’s capabilities to include range H and higher tires as well as off-road tyres. A new wide hook and reverse wheel adaptor enhance the unit’s capability for thick bead applications.

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