New Versaperm designed to speed up permeability testing

The new Versaperm VI is designed to make permeability testing “very much faster, cheaper and more accurate”, according to the system’s manufacturer. In addition, the new system simulates temperature cycling with it as well.

According to Versaperm Ltd, this new range of instruments can measure the permeability for anything from a flat material sample through to a complex, laminated and finished component. It optionally measures this not just for water vapour but also for hydrocarbons, CO2 Oxygen or any other gas or vapour in common use. Results are typically accurate in the parts per million range and are typically available within 24-48 hours. Traditionally measuring this vapour permeability has been a very slow and expensive process, especially as gasses all perform very differently even through the same material.

Tyres are one of a huge range of automotive components that rely on vapour permeability to function properly. Whilst it is relatively easy to keep the air, or nitrogen, in a tyre at a constant pressure, it is far more complex with other components. For example it is company representatives explain that it is plain wrong to manufacture a case or cover for electronic from some types of plastics, including silicone. Although it is excellent at keeping liquid water in or out, it are virtually useless when it comes to water vapour, which easily passes through, condenses and causes failures.

Added to this the manufacturing process itself can reduce effectiveness by a factor of four – and the only way to be sure is to test the permeability of the actual component itself – hence the need for technology like the Versaperm.

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