Effitrailer – answer to the ‘semi-trailer paradox’

Michelin solutions was launched in May 2013 and replaced the division known in the UK as Michelin Fleet Solutions. Initially Michelin solutions focused on the Effifuel programme, a contractual package agreement that aims to help hauliers contain and reduce their fuel costs.

The Michelin solutions portfolio was enlarged earlier this year with Effitires, a programme launched locally at the Commercial Vehicle Show in April and offering, for the first time, a contractual fuel saving commitment within a price per kilometre (PPK) tyre management contract. Now a third Michelin Solutions programme has been launched – Effitrailer.

As the name suggests, Effitrailer aims to optimise the management of trailers, and does so by providing real-time information via telematics. By using Effitrailer, Michelin solutions says customers can expect far few delays due to tyre-related trailer breakdowns (Michelin solutions commits to reducing tyre-related semi-trailer downtime by up to 50 per cent) and an increased utilisation rate, with trailers running more often and no longer empty.

The Effitrailer service is currently available in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and will be available throughout Europe from 2016.

Michelin solutions November 26, 2015
for more information about EFFITRAILER visit our web site https://www.michelin-solutions.com/en/effitrailer/
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