ChemChina proudly showing Pirelli connection

The Pirelli logo is now positioned in pride of place above Aeolus, Double Happiness, Torch and Yellow Sea, but under ChemChina

Now ChemChina has completed the purchase of Pirelli and the de-listing of the well-known Italian tyre firm’s shares, the first signs of how Pirelli will be integrated into the ChemChina tyre group are emerging. Walking onto the ChemChina stand, the first thing you notice is that the Pirelli logo now features at the head of a list of group-owned tyre business in at least two prominent positions on the large stand. While for many in Europe the sight of Pirelli alongside Aeolus, Double Happiness, Yellow Sea and Torch may feel a little strange, the obvious implication of ChemChina’s decision to present it this way is that we all need to start getting used to the new reality. Secondly, you can’t ignore that this move communicates the underlying intention to integrate Pirelli into the ChemChina group rather

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