Micheldever supports Audi at MIRA tyre event

Audi UK recently staged a three-day tyre training session for over 200 of its service advisors at MIRA support provided by Micheldever Tyre Services. According to the company, the training event was specifically designed to give attendees an insight into how tyres impact the performance and handling of vehicles, specifically the differences between new and worn tyres, summer and winter tyres, as well as the significant difference between premium and budget tyres.

In addition to classroom learning, they also had the opportunity to drive vehicles on the test track. Accompanied by professional instructors, this allowed the service advisors to experience first-hand how differently vehicles behave depending on the type and condition of the tyres.

Experts from tyre manufacturers, including Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear Dunlop, Continental and Bridgestone, also attended the event. They were there to showcase products and provide information about tyre technology, as well as educate service advisors and equip them with the necessary tools and skills so they can better inform motorists about why they should choose premium tyres above budget.

Tim Peacock, tyre programme manager for Volkswagen Group, said: “This training week was a significant investment by Audi UK, as part of an ongoing commitment to ensure the highest standards of customer service. Service advisors are the ones who deal directly with customers and tyres are largely misunderstood by the general public. Therefore, with the support of Micheldever, a trusted partner, we have been able to provide them with valuable training and information, which will ultimately help them deliver the best possible advice and service to their customers.

Roy Stokes, group tyre manager at Listers Group, said: “The driving experience was a particularly valuable exercise for me and the other advisors, as we were really able to feel how the car reacted to being driven on different tyres and in various conditions. Ultimately, having such first-hand knowledge will enable us to better inform and educate our customers.”

Alan Baldwin, sales director at Micheldever Tyre Services, said: “Our partnership with Audi allowed us to provide the service advisors with the sort of in depth knowledge they need when speaking to their customers. This is crucial because we know from our own research that the general public has limited knowledge about tyres and tyre safety. In fact, MOTs and servicing are very often the first and sometimes only the major prompt for motorists to replace excessively worn and illegal tyres.”

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