Marangoni adds MT National 3 to Marix range

The new Marangoni MT National 3 super single

Marangoni Commercial Tyres has introduced the new super-single MT National 3 to its Marix range of hot retreaded truck tyres. The next generation product offers increased mileage performance and contained fuel consumption, the manufacturer says. The MT National 3 was created to meet the needs of users in the regional and long-distance transport segment, in normal conditions of tread use, and is suitable for trailers and semitrailers.

With a non-directional tread profile, it features four wide longitudinal grooves that give directional stability on any surface, even when wet, snowy, or icy thanks to the M+S marking, as well as resistance to overheating ensuring excellent mileage performance.

Other characteristics of the new tyre are its wide and thick shoulders that provide more resistance to side and cross scraping, the presence of guards at the bottom of the grooves to decrease the risk of penetration by sharp objects (stones), good water drainage, and the simultaneous reduction of background noise, thereby allowing maximum comfort.

The new super-single is made with a special compound that gives good grip and mileage, ensuring low rolling resistance and reduced fuel consumption. The compound also enables the tyre to work at lower temperatures in conditions of use likely to cause overheating, thereby ensuring reduced fatigue of the casing and a longer life of the tyre in high stress situations.

The MT National 3 is currently available in 385/65R22,5.

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