Days Contract Hire extends Michelin tyre supply contract

UK vehicle leasing, funding and fleet management company Days Contract Hire has renewed its ten-year relationship with Michelin by a further four years. Its tyre supply contract for 9,500 vehicles was first signed in 2005 and, according to Aled Williams, the contract complements Days’ company philosophy of offering quality, bespoke client services.

“Our clients look to us for guidance on best practice, whether that’s on how the driver is performing, how the vehicle is performing or how the tyres are performing,” the company director comments. “Michelin is recognised around the world as a byword for excellence in tyre technology, and that’s why we feel Michelin tyres remain the ideal choice for us.

“Whether you’re looking at their proven longevity, excellent total cost of ownership or safety credentials – all those boxes are ticked by Michelin tyres,” Williams continued, adding: “Fitting Michelin will also help our clients save on fuel thanks to their low rolling resistance.”

Days Contract Hire operates a mixed fleet of cars and commercial vehicles, fitting a variety of Michelin tyres depending on the customer’s requirements. Replacement tyres will continue to be fitted by ATS Euromaster.

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