Rosava installs new equipment, raising agri tyre production

Ukrainian tyre maker JSC Rosava says it has installed a new tyre building machine and universal stickers at its heavy tyre production facility. The company says the machine’s presence will enable it to raise its agricultural tyre production and expand its range by adding new, high-demand sizes. These additions include the sizes 420/70R24TL, 420/70R28 TL, 520/70R38 TL, 18,4R34, 14,9R24 and 600/65R30 TL.

The new SPR 610-930M unit combines the first and second stages of radial tyre construction on a flexible bladder drum, a configuration that Rosava believes provides superior tyre bead reinforcement and solidity. “According to our technical specialists, this process will greatly improve tyre performance characteristics and customer satisfaction,” wrote the company in a statement.


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