Former Peugeot and Hyundai dealer principal appointed EDT UK sales manager

Jon Tatnall has been appointed EDT Automotive national sales manager

Jon Tatnall, formerly dealer principal at Yeomans Peugeot and Hyundai in Hastings, has joined Kent-based engine detox specialist EDT Automotive as national sales manager. Tatnall started his career as a trainee sales executive at Sidlow Group, before taking increasingly senior roles at Lifestyle, Pinewood and Pendragon.

Shortly after becoming dealer principal at Yeomans in 2013, Tatnall discovered EDT during a profit clinic for Peugeot general managers at Charters in Aldershot. Within two weeks he had an EDT machine installed at Hastings. The dealership went on to win a Golden Lion customer excellence award. The former EDT customer will now head a team tasked with growing the company’s UK network. He will report directly to EDT managing director, David Holmes.

Tatnall said: “In these days of exhausted revenue streams, EDT is close to a fairy tale. The ‘detox your car’ message is very effective. At Yeomans we were doing 25-30 treatments a month, earning a healthy profit on each job card.

“As well as providing a new professional challenge, joining EDT gives me the change in lifestyle I was looking for. My previous role was very dealership-based, whereas my time will now be split between working from home and being out on the road meeting everyone from vehicle manufacturers to small business owners.

“My target is to add 65 more UK sites in my first year. Filling open points in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland is our top priority. We’ll also be looking to recruit regional managers to serve our expanding network. I urge all main dealers and quality independent garages to check out EDT Automotive dotcom and get in touch.”

David Holmes, managing director at EDT Automotive, said: “We are delighted that Jon has agreed to become our national sales manager.  Having run a successful dealership with a busy aftersales department, he understands our workshop partners’ needs. The fact that he was a customer first speaks volumes about the quality of the product, our approach to business and where this company is headed. To misquote Victor Kiam, he liked EDT so much he decided to join us!”

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