IAAF the latest to condemn MOT extension proposal

The IAAF has reacted angrily to potential proposals to extend the frequency of a vehicle’s first MOT test from three years to four years and plans to lobby the government on reversing any such proposals, stating that the current test frequency is both safer and more cost effective for motorists.

If the government’s proposals came into force, Chancellor George Osborne predicted that motorists would save £100million annually. But, IAAF chief executive, Wendy Williamson, voiced a number of concerns.

“To ensure as safe and cost effective motoring as possible, motorists must have their vehicle inspected and serviced regularly. Given that figures suggest one in five vehicles fail their MOT first time around and with new car sales at record highs, moving to an extended testing period could potentially cause more accidents resulting in an increase in fatalities.

In recent years, the MOT testing frequency has been subject to much debate. The IAAF’s stance has always been the current regime of 3:1:1 helps make the UK’s roads the safest in Europe.


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