Glass’s: budget rewards lower CO2 cars; older vehicles undertaxed

Analysts from Glass’s vehicle pricing guide have applauded the simplification of road tax announced in the recent budget and appeared supportive of measures to effective reward newer, lower CO2 vehicles. However, they also said that older vehicles are undertaxed:

“The good news first – it is a really simple to understand system for the vast majority of people who will buy and run the post-2017 cars affected. They will just pay £140 per year for the life of the vehicle, although that is a figure that the government will probably increase over time. Also, the new regime continues to reward buyers of lower CO2 cars, even if almost all of them will be paying more than previously.

“There are some parts that look a little more questionable, however. Older, more polluting vehicles appear to be undertaxed in their later years. For example, a 255g/km car over six years old will be charged at the same £140 standard rate as a zero emissions vehicle. For new cars, the introduction of an additional £310 charge on anything priced over £40,000 seems like a sudden shift and it may be that we see manufacturers listing a number of cars in that price range at £39,995. Even a zero emissions vehicle costing more than £40,000 will cost £310 a year, which seems a bit of a disincentive to adopt the very cleanest drivetrains available.

“Looking at the Budget as a whole, however, we think it supports the ongoing economic recovery in general terms and that this is good news for the motor industry. It is also good to see that fuel duty remains frozen. Petrol and diesel are a motoring cost that affects everyone.”



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