EU CV registrations rise 6 per cent in May

Figures published by ACEA show that, in May 2015, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU increased (+6.0 per cent) for the fifth consecutive month, totalling 160,550 units. Growth was sustained across all commercial vehicle segments. Results were diverse among the major markets, with Germany (-9.1 per cent) and France (-5.6 per cent) facing a downturn, while Spain (+30.1 per cent) and the UK (+17.4 per cent) posted double‐digit growth.

Five months into the year, the EU market expanded (+11.6 per cent), totalling 832,782 commercial vehicles. During the same period, Spain (+34.1 per cent), the UK (+22.6 per cent) Italy (+7.5 per cent) and Germany (+3.4 per cent) all posted growth, while France recorded a slight decline (-1.0 per cent).

Commenting on the figures, Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association, which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers across the UK, said: “The NFDA is encouraged by the continued growth of commercial vehicle registrations in the EU.”

Robinson continued: “So far this year UK commercial vehicle registrations have increased by 22.6 per cent. This is higher than the EU figure of 11.6 per cent. All major markets except France showed growth, although the decline in France was slight at 1.0 per cent.

“Light commercial vehicles represented the majority of sales, and May saw the twenty-first consecutive month of growth in this sector. However, new heavy truck registrations had the largest growth in the EU at 20.6 per cent. Spain saw a staggering increase in registrations of 92 per cent, mostly thanks to a government programme. The UK experienced the second highest growth in this sector at 37.8 per cent, largely thanks to rising economic confidence that has fuelled increased demand for heavy trucks in the distribution and construction sectors. So far this year the EU market has grown 17.8 per cent. The UK outperformed fellow EU members, despite Spain’s impressive May surge, with registrations here increasing by 62.6 per cent.

“New Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle registrations rose 16.1 per cent in the EU compared to May of last year. Again, Spain was in pole position, with the UK experiencing a more modest 35.9 per cent increase that still secures second position in the EU. Germany suffered a decline of 6.8 per cent.

“The NFDA and our members are confident that both the UK and EU commercial vehicle markets will continue to grow for the remainder of 2015.”

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