Mixed results in budget SUV tyre test

German magazine Auto Bild Allrad has published a summer tyre test for compact SUVs. Ten size 235/55 R17H/V/W tyres were tested on a VW Tiguan, and what sets this test apart from others is that all candidates come from either the People’s Republic of China or Taiwan. While all tested tyres delivered performance below the Continental CrossContact UHP reference tyre, the Goodride SA-37 Sport, Infinity Enviro, Delinte Thunder D7, Sonar SX-9, Star Performer SUV-1 and Nankang NK Comfort NK 605 were all rated ‘satisfactory’. But while the ‘not recommended’ Syron Cross 1 and Evergreen EH23 and the two ‘inadequate’ tyres, Federal’s Couragia XUV and the Sailun Terramax CVR, delivered pleasing results in some specific disciplines, they all failed the wet braking test. As usual, detailed test results can be found within the Tyrepress.com tyre test database.

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