Magna Tyres Group introduces new products at Intermat

Magna’s M-Terrain fitted on a Volvo A40E

Growing manufacturer of off-the-road (OTR), industrial and truck tyres, the Magna Tyres Group used its presence at Intermat to introduce various new tyres for different OTR applications. For construction and mining purposes the company introduced MA10 L5 and M-Terrain E4. The existing tyre pattern MA08 L5 for wheel loaders is from April 2015 also available in tyre size 20.5R25.

For recycling applications, Magna Tyres introduced the MA608 Super Solid, mounted as twin wheel set. Also, Magna said the 525/80R25 MA03 has been technologically improved and is now available with a load/speed index of 176F. The truck tyre segment of Magna Tyres is extended with two new tyre patterns: MSO and MTC. Finally, the company has introduced their new product line named MTP, a complete new line of OTR tyres for construction purposes, which consists of five different tread patterns.

The MA10 is a radial tyre with an extra deep L5 tread pattern designed for extreme loader applications in surface mines, quarries, scrap yards and underground mines. The Magna MA10 is a recent addition to the Magna product range for wheel loaders and is available in tyre sizes 20.5R25 and 23.5R25.

In November, Magna Tyres launched the new Magna M-Terrain, with Intermat representing its exhibition debut. It is the first E4 rated tyre of the Magna Tyres’ product range especially designed for articulated dump trucks. Magna M-Terrain is available in tyre size 29.5R25, a common size for wheels of ADTs.

The Dutch OTR tyre manufacturer expanded its product line with L5 tyres for wheel loaders. From spring 2015, the Magna MA08 is also available in tyre size 20.5R25. The tyre was already available in the sizes 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. In developing the MA08 in the smaller 20.5R25 version, Magna says the pattern will become suitable for more applications and types of wheel loaders. Designed for use on wheel loaders requiring  maximum traction. The aggressive, open tread pattern provides extra traction and stable ground contact. Therefore, this tyre is suitable for wheel loaders running at open pit mines, underground mines and stone quarries.

For recycling applications, Magna developed an entirely new product: the MA608 Super Solid twin wheels. These solid tyres are designed for mobile excavators running at waste plants. The solid base of the tyres ensures optimal puncture resistance. Magna revealed that Terex Fuchs has successfully completed the first test of Magna MA608 Super Solid on their new material handling machine, MHL 250.

The improved 525/80R25 MA03 for mobile cranes has a load/speed index of 176F. The tyre is developed to meet the latest international speed standards in highway applications. 525/80R25 MA03 176F is now able to carry 7.100 KG at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The first tyres with this updated load/speed index were sent to customers in April 2015.

New MTP range

Separate from the extensive OTR tyre programme, consisting of premium quality tyres for mining, construction, port handling and industrial applications, the Magna Tyres Group developed a product line named MTP.

The new MTP range offers OTR tyres with five different tread patterns for various machinery applications in the most common tyre sizes: 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25 and 21.00R35. The characteristics of MTP are a fair price level and fast delivery, for efficient fulfilment of customers’ OTR tyre needs. With the introduction of MTP, the Magna Tyres Group says it is now able to offer a very broad range of OTR tyres in different market segments and pricing categories.

Magna Tyres extended the truck tyre program with two new tread patterns: MSO and MTC. Magna MSO is designed as drive axle tyre suitable for mud and sand terrain, as well as highway distances. This tyre is available in tyre sizes 315/80R22.5 and 12.00R24. Magna MTC is designed for trailers for long haul applications. This new trailer tyre is available in tyre size 385/65R22.5. Both new tyre patterns were introduced at the Intermat show in Paris.


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